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Preparing Our Students for College and Everything After

Academics 2198Our Lady of Providence High School instills in students an appreciation for higher levels of thought, recognition of one’s unique gifts and talents, and the desire to acquire a Catholic values-based education. Through collaborative curriculum planning, effective instructional methodology, and varied assessment practices, Providence provides students with a college-bound academic program that meets the needs of every type of learner.

A Tradition of Excellence

Providence maintains a comprehensive academic program for grades 9  through 12 and is accredited by the Indiana State Department of Education with its highest five-year certification. We have also been designated as a “A National School of Excellence” by the U.S. Department of Education.

College Preparation

  • We offer a total of 40 college credit course hours during sophomore junior and senior years.
  • More than 95% of our students go on to further their education at the college level.

Outstanding Academic Achievement

  • A majority of our students earn Indiana Honors Diplomas.
  • Nearly every student graduates with a Core-40 Diploma.
  • Our students earn millions in academic scholarships, including an average of $100,000 per student in 2018.
  • Each year our classes earn thousands of hours of community service.

State Performance-Based Accreditation League

  • Providence participates in all statewide standardized testing.
  • Our students consistently rank highest among all other schools in the Clark, Floyd and Harrison counties area in ISTEP results.

We strive to create classrooms that foster high academic success as well as personal, social, and spiritual growth. Our goal is to provide students with the all the resources they need to be people of faith, academicians, productive citizens, and leaders of an interconnected global world.

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