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Sci experiment7103The purpose of science education is to contribute to the individual development of the complete person. Science and technology affect nearly every aspect of our lives while scientific knowledge and technology continually shape our understanding of the world. All high school graduates need basic scientific competencies, including literacy, to be effective participants in society. We must prepare our students to use their scientific backgrounds in making wise choices.


  1. To provide an enriching and challenging science program for all who wish it.
  2. To endeavor to make the learning of science enjoyable by personalizing teaching and investigative laboratory work.
  3. To adapt offerings and the manner of presenting them to the needs and abilities of individual students.
  4. To make available to all students opportunities by which the student may learn to think intelligently and objectively about the scientific wonders and problems of today’s world – and be able to act responsibly in the solution of the problems we face.
  5. For the college-bound student, in addition to the above, to foster and nourish the student’s desire to pursue a science program in college and to equip the student with knowledge and skills by which the student will be able to participate and advance in the student’s chosen field with confidence.
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