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Because the world community is changing so rapidly, we must provide today’s students with the skills and understandings that enable them to adapt to new environments and responsibilities. We must also prepare those college bound students with the necessary content material to be successful on the college level. To accomplish this mission, the Social Studies Department must prepare the students to observe and think critically; they must be knowledgeable of certain facts, concepts and generalizations; they must know how to locate pertinent information; they must develop an appreciation for continuous learning about and constructive attitudes towards the importance of the individual and their role in the life of the family, the community, and the world.

Department Goals

  • To understand and appreciate our country’s heritage and it’s democratic institutions
  • To establish a factual knowledge of our country’s history and government
  • To recognize the unique leadership role of the United States in the world
  • To stimulate student interest in taking part in our political processes
  • To develop an understanding and appreciation of world cultures
  • To increase the student’s understanding of those people, events and situations from the past that have contributed to our present day civilizations
  • To help provide the students with a positive self-image and greater self-understanding
  • To educate the students so as to enable participation in a knowledgeable way in our economic system
  • To prepare the college bound student for a successful transition to college level courses
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