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guidance 2015Guidance and counseling at Providence are a vital part of the educational experience. Our Guidance Program is developmental by design focusing on the needs, interests and issues related to the various stages of student growth. Our school counselors help create and organize programs designed to promote the maximum development of human potential.

Guidance Services

Counseling is our primary guidance service. Our counseling service is a student-counselor relationship in which students have the freedom to express their ideas and feelings. Students are encouraged to seek information and examine alternate courses before acting. Counseling can occur in three ways:

  • Individual—Face-to-face meetings where a counselor provides a student with the maximum privacy needed to freely explore ideas, feelings and behaviors. Counselors are obligated by Indiana state law and ethical standards to report and refer a case when a person’s welfare is in jeopardy.
  • Small Groups—Involves a counselor working with two or more students together. Group size generally ranges from five to eight members. Students have the opportunity to learn form one another, sharing ideas, giving and receiving feedback, practicing communication skills and thinking about their goals and actions.
  • Large Group—Meeting of an entire class can sometimes offer the best opportunity to provide guidance to the largest number of students. Large group sessions normally deal with orientation, career development, and educational planning.

Student Appraisal

Our counselors also gather and organize information related to student placement, accommodation and assessment. Counselors assist teachers, students and parents with interpretation of standardized tests and how they can help the educational process. They can also help Educational and Occupational Planning , Consultation on Basic Human Interaction, and Coordination of Evaluation/Needs Assessment for students who are or know of someone in need of assistance for substance abuse, learning disabilities, and physical abuse.

We Welcome Your Questions—Always.

If you have any questions please feel free to email, call us at or stop in.

SENIORS:  Make sure that you are checking the Scholarship Board found by the Guidance Office or the SCHOLARSHIP link found here under Guidance.

The College/Career Exploration Zone is ready for use!

Located outside the Guidance Office, the Zone offers lots of college and career materials. You can also use a netbook to complete college applications, scholarships, career interest inventories and much more.

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