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Rules of the Library

Students may not eat or drink anything; listen to CD or MP3 players unless for academic purposes; or play computer games. They may study quietly together provided they do not disturb others around them. Otherwise no talking is permitted.

The dress code is strictly enforced in the Library.

The Library provides crayons, markers, colored pencils, tape, glue, scissors, a three-hole puncher, stapler, paper cutter, a calculator, a ruler, paper clips, and rubber bands.

Detention will be given to students who do not follow the rules of the library. The above rules include an understanding that each student will behave in accordance with the school behavior policy found in the handbook. Students can also lose access to the library if behavior is continuous or physical.

Computer Use

The computers in the library are for every student, faculty and staff member to use. These computers have access to the Internet and Microsoft Office products. Our computers also have the online catalog for the school, pre-install software that corresponds to our textbooks, and short cuts to appropriate sites for use in research.

iPad Circulation

Any PHS student in need of an iPad for temporary use my come to the library and check one out.  iPads are limited to a 3 day check out.  Fines and loss of library iPads are considerable therefore it is recommended only for those students whose personal iPad is being repaired or replaced.

Items for Sale

Printing cost $.10 a page
Color Printing cost $.25 a page
Laminating cost $.04 per inch
Library Fines are $.25 a day per book.

Other items can be found in our bookstore located on the 1st floor.

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