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PHS Virtual Learning Information

What is a virtual learning day?

A virtual learning day allows students to engage in virtual learning activities at home by use of technology. The State of Indiana considers virtual learning as part of the 180 days of instruction even though students do not report to the campus. It allows teachers to continue instruction with few or no interruptions to the learning process.

When is a virtual learning day used?

Virtual learning for individual students will only be utilized in the 2021-2022 school year when a student is quarantined or isolated at home due to exposure to or contracting of COVID-19.

However, a virtual learning day is also used when there is inclement weather or the threat of inclement weather. School officials will make a judgment on whether or not they believe the weather conditions to be a safety concern. If so, the PHS Inclement Weather Virtual Learning Protocol will be implemented. While an emergency virtual learning day could be used for other reasons, these would be rare occurrences such as a sudden facility or student safety issue. The school may also elect to hold non-emergency all school or specific grade level virtual learning days when needed.

Will all school emergency or inclement weather days be a virtual learning day?

Unless there are widespread power outages affecting large number of students, students should plan that on inclement weather days students will be in virtual learning. If we do not use virtual learning on days when school is canceled, we would make up the days in the current school calendar.

How will parents/guardians be notified that virtual learning will occur due to inclement weather?

Providence uses the SKYLERT program to alert parents/guardians if school is closed or delayed. They receive a phone call, email and/or text message to the phone or email address provided when setting up their Skyward account. Parents/guardians can manage these settings through their Skyward Family Access account. We also communicate cancelations through the local TV stations, the school website, and the school’s social media.

How will students be informed about classroom assignments during inclement weather?

All students must log in to their Virtual Google Classrooms at the beginning of each block. Failure to log in will mean that students will be counted as unexcused and incur the penalties listed in the student-parent handbook. Any exceptions to this are made through the Office of the Assistant Principal – Director of Students. Parents should call the attendance hotline or email the attendance officer prior to 8:30 for any excused absence that would prevent the student from joining his or her Virtual Google Classroom. After students log in for attendance, teachers will provide instruction using a variety of strategies. Students should expect to provide evidence of their learning throughout the class.

What schedule is used for inclement weather days when on a virtual learning day?

School will be in session 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. during virtual learning. Download the schedule here.

What if a student has questions or needs additional support?

Counselors and Learning Support personnel are available from 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. via email and/or other communication vehicles to help students with academic needs. Parents and students should use teacher school emails to make initial contact. In addition, there is a general SOS line available for students and parents to report internet outages or to seek advice in contacting teachers.

SOS Contacts: Jaimie McRae (502-648-9855 or; Karen Schueler (812-989-6496 or

What happens if I do not have internet access on the virtual learning day?

For any students who experience a prolonged power outage or do not have access to the internet, they may receive a one-day extension (the next school day – not next class period) to complete the assignments. However, this accommodation will only be made if the student reports by phone the outage or lack of internet service. Contact the SOS line or the classroom teacher before 8:30 a.m. on the virtual learning day. Power outage interruptions throughout the day should be reported as they occur.

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