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  1. Students must sign off on loaner iPads and accept responsibility for that loaner unit while in their possession.  If the unit is not returned in the condition they received they will be responsible for reimbursing the school for the cost of repair or replacement of the unit.
  2. Students who forget to bring their iPads to school may check out a loaner iPad from the library for 24 hours no more than three times in any one quarter.  An iPad kept for more than one day will count toward the quarter limit.  
  3. Students who borrow a loaner iPad due to their own iPad being repaired must give proof of repair and will be allowed a loaner unit for no more than one month.  Any exception to this rule will be at the discretion of the school librarian and based on the availability of loaner units.
  4. Any student found damaging another student’s iPad or loaner iPad will be disciplined and will be financially responsible for the repair or replacement of that unit.
  5. Damage or replacement charges for loaner units will be given to the student and a copy mailed to the parent.
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