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You may find the desire to limit what your student does with their iPad.  As the iPad is a family owned device, the school is limited in what we can do to prevent unintended use.  However, you as the parent have tools available to you to protect your student.  Below are some helpful links to educate you on parental controls and restrictions.

How to Setup Parental Controls and Content Filteringand Content Filtering – from

“Apple delivers some restrictions that let you turn off some apps, stop kids from downloading and buying new apps or in app purchases and there is even a way to hide apps. With recent updates Apple now offers a built in website filter to help keep adult content off the iPad without the need to buy software or change settings on your router.”

IOS: Understanding Restrictions – from Apple Knowledgebase

“You can enable Restrictions, also known as Parental Controls, on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to prevent access to specific features. Learn more about the types of Restrictions that are available, as well as how to enable or disable Restrictions on your device.”  (Note:  Restricting use of Safari will affect access to some classroom resources.)

Open DNS – free filtering for home Internet

At Providence, we filter Interent access in attempt to prevent access to inappropriate material.  You can do the same at hope to protect your family using OpenDNS.

The Concerned Parent’s Toolbox – 120 Tools and Tricks to Protect Your Kids

Useful educational tools that can teach your kids, programs that can monitor their activity, restrict dangerous websites, and even block them from engaging in risky behavior.

Video: How to Setup Parental Controls on iPad – from Mobicip

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