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“I am truly grateful to everyone who has helped make my Providence education a reality. It has been a privilege to become a part of the Providence family!”

“Thank you for making my Providence education something to remember. These years have been filled with spiritual, social and intellectual memories that I will always keep near to my heart.”

“I truly feel that Providence appreciates when a child is not only doing their best to learn, but doing their best to be a good person, too. Providence is encouraging and enabling our child to be the very best she can be.”

“A Providence education is a challenging, faith-filled and gracious gift that God has given me. I am thankful for my education and for my preparation for a great life.”

“At Providence everyone is family—from the students to the staff to the parents and siblings. We are all in this together! Thank you to all my Blue Pride family members!”

“I never felt hindered in any way at Providence. I was free and comfortable to express myself. That’s a great feeling and the kind of environment that allowed me to grow and learn.”

“Providence is a school that challenges me academically, strengthens me spiritually and allows me to build close relationships with others in a loving environment. I feel I am prepared for college—and for life.”

“I’ve come to realize that Providence isn’t just a school. It is a community. We have families with two or three generations of alumni. These are good people who will help you. All you need to do is ask them!”

“To me Providence High School is a safe, Christian place where I can education while practicing my faith. Thank you for the opportunity to attend this wonderful school!”

“Providence is an awesome place to learn, laugh and strengthen your faith. Blue Pride is shining brightly at theatre productions, sporting events and in everyday life. You can see it everywhere!”

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