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Our hope is that Providence graduates will take their place in the community and contribute a Christian influence on society. We believe that our students should be exposed to the diverse population of the local area and witness first-hand the trials of those less fortunate physically, mentally, and economically. Within this spirit, all students must complete a 60-hour service requirement for graduation.

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Contacts for Community Volunteer Opportunities

Providence Service Learning Program Information and Requirements

Goal & Purpose:

The goal of the Our Lady of Providence Service Learning Program is to foster an environment where students will have an authentic service experience in which they put into practice the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and perform the Corporal Works of Mercy.


  • To expose students to a variety of service opportunities so that they will discover their gifts and interests and remain committed to Christian service for life.
  • To enable students to work directly with disadvantaged populations (outreach) and to have a deeper appreciation of the dignity of all human persons.
  • To give students an opportunity to reflect on the message of Jesus Christ as it relates to their service experience and to make that message a permanent part of their lives.


2021-2022 Service Learning Program Update

Students typically are required to complete 15 hours of formal service each school year, for a total of 60 hours completed by the time of their Graduation from Providence. NOTE: During the 2021-2022 school year, the number is reduced to 10 hours – please see the above attached document for more information.

The specific requirements are listed below.

Freshmen ·   Complete 15 hours of FORMAL service
Sophomores ·   Complete 15 hours of FORMAL service, 3 hours of which must be OUTREACH
Juniors ·   Complete 15 hours of FORMAL service, 6 hours of which must be OUTREACH
Seniors ·   Complete 15 hours of FORMAL service, 10 hours of which must be OUTREACH


Service vs. Outreach:

Service is any type of work we do, outside of our normal responsibilities, to benefit others while receiving no pay or other benefits for ourselves. Service is to be FORMAL – meaning it is completed with an approved agency or non-profit organization. Service should be completed outside of Providence sponsored events.

Outreach is service during which we have direct, person-to-person contact with the poor, the homeless, the marginalized, the institutionalized, elderly or children outside the family, or any other socially or economically-disadvantaged group.

Tracking and Submission:

Students are to submit hours on the website using their school account. All hours must be verified electronically by an activity contact from the organization where the student served. The x2VOL site generates an email to be sent to these contacts after the student has submitted the hours. Paper verification is no longer accepted. All service/outreach hours must be completed and documented by the due date each school year. Senior hours will be due Friday, April 12, 2019. Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior hours will be due Friday, April 26, 2019. Students may begin their service during the summer break.

 Collaborating with Theology Classes:

The completion of the yearly-required service/outreach hours will be incorporated into each student’s 4th quarter Theology course with a culminating assignment about their year of service. This assignment will be a major component of the 4th quarter and failure to complete the assignment and required hours will have a negative impact on the overall Theology grade.

Approved Agencies and Organizations:

A listing of Community Volunteer Opportunities can be found above via the Contacts for Community Volunteer Opportunities link. Students are not limited to these organizations, but do need to follow the guidelines listed above when choosing a place to serve.

If you have questions or need further information about the service learning program, feel free to contact:

Leah Kelly
Campus Minister
812-945-2538 ext 310

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