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The vendor for Providence uniforms is River City Work Wear. Here are links for their website and order form.

The Providence uniform and dress code requirements promote collegiality, pride in our school and its tradition, and a school climate conducive to high academic standards and self‐discipline. Whether at school or in public, we ask our students to be proud of the uniform and to represent it well.

Parents are responsible for purchasing and maintaining clothes that meet our uniform and dress code requirements and to help the school monitor what their son or daughter is wearing when they leave home. By choosing to attend Providence, students accept the provisions of the uniform dress code and must be in compliance at all times.

This includes the following:

  1. ALL students must wear:

Appropriately sized ankle-length navy blue, black, or khaki slacks. The slacks must be dress slacks made of a cotton‐twill or similar material. The slacks must be neat, unmarked (no stripes, designs, etc.) and may not have excessive pockets. Slacks made of denim, fleece, velour, corduroy or athletic warm-up style material are not allowed. Note: Uniform pants may not be tight or form fitting.

  1. Appropriately sized polo-style shirts as purchased through the school vendor, River City Workwear. Note: The light blue polo is being phases out, but will remain part of the uniform through the 2021-2022 school year.
  2. Shoes must be worn at all times. Sandals are acceptable if they have a strap across the back. All shoes must have a hard sole; no house shoes may be worn.
  3. Belts are to be worn with slacks at all times. Belt colors may be black, brown, gray, tan, white or khaki and may not have any excessive ornamentation.
  4. Providence sweaters and pullovers purchased from the school vendor, River City Workwear, are acceptable. No sweatshirts from athletic teams or extracurricular activities may be worn. Note: Beginning with the 2019-20 school year, two new pullover options will be available through River City Workwear. The wool-blend sweatshirts will be phased out after the 2021-2022 school year.  
  5. Shirttails are to be tucked in waistband at all times.
  6. Solid white short‐sleeved T-shirts may be worn under the uniform as long as they do not show beneath the uniform shirt sleeve or hem. Any emblems, words, etc. may not be visible. As with shirts, T‐shirts must be tucked in.
  7. Pants are to be worn at or above the hip. Clothing must be of the appropriate size.
  8. Clothes are to be kept clean and pressed. Clothing may not be ragged including pants at the hem or at the seam. Hems and seams must be sewn, not pinned or stapled.
  9. Outdoor jackets or coats may not be worn in the classroom at any time. They are to be kept in the locker.
  10. Hats, scarves, gloves, and bandannas are not to be worn during the school day.

2. Violations of the dress code may result in one or more of the following degrees of censure: warning, detention, demerit, sent home to change, sent home for the day or suspended.

3. Spirit Days ‐ On these designated days, students may wear blue jean pants (no shorts or skirts), navy or gray sweat/nylon pants, or black pants if from a Providence organization. Students may not wear yoga or other types of tight-fitting pants. Students must also wear a Providence organization shirt or sweatshirt.

The school uniform tops or uniform bottoms are also acceptable on these days. The Providence organization shirts or sweatshirts must be approved shirts in that they carry the name of Providence or a Providence class/organization on them and have been received or purchased through one of our organizations. These organizations include shirts from our vendor, Providence sports teams, Providence extracurricular groups, clubs, and organizations, Providence class shirts and Academic Final Four shirts. Attire on these spirit days may not be ragged or torn. Sandals may be worn on spirit days as long as they have a strap across the back of the shoe – no type of slip-on sandal, whether it be casual or dressy, such as flip flop or beach wear sandal, may be worn. Students who wear inappropriate apparel will be sent to the office immediately. Consequences for violating the above dress code range from the issuing of a detention, calling parents to bring a change of clothing, to forfeiting participation in future spirit days, depending on the violation.

  1. Senior out‐of‐uniform days: At the end of the school year, seniors are given a period of time to be out of uniform. These days will follow the same guidelines as the spirit wear days unless special permission is given by the administration.
  2. Students may be allowed to be out of uniform on some special occasions. These will be dress‐up days with the following restrictions: Boys ‐ dress shirt with a neck tie and slacks; Girls ‐ dress, ankle‐length or Capri style slacks. Students may not wear fleece pants, t‐shirts, tank tops, “A” shirts, spaghetti straps, strapless tops or blouses, hats, bandannas, or other clothing not appropriate for a high school setting.

Shirts must be of length to be tucked in with no bare midriff and no plunging necklines may be worn.

Clothes may not be ragged or torn or extreme in nature. Students may wear dress shoes, tennis shoes, or sandals with a strap across the back. No type of slip‐on sandal such as flip flops, beach sandals, etc. may be worn on non‐uniform days.

  1. Any time students are on the campus or at a school‐sponsored event, they may not wear any clothing with inappropriate lettering, comments, and any clothing advertising alcohol or drugs or messages contrary to the mission of the school. Attire must be appropriate and in good taste for the setting in which it is worn. All students must keep shirts on while on our campus, except while on the practice field or court. Longer sport bras that give the appearance of a tank top with a built‐in bra may be worn without a shirt on the practice field or court; however, a short sports bra must have a shirt over the bra.

Attire for Dances and Other School Events

Providence students are great ambassadors of our Catholic faith and in many ways our school and community. For this reason, we ask our students and especially our female students, that when purchasing a dress for the Christmas dance, prom, homecoming, etc. that they keep in the forefront of their mind that they attend a Catholic high school. We know that fashions come and go but modesty is a principle that we teach and value at Providence High School. If students arrive at an event in immodest attire they may be asked to change or given a sweater or wrap to wear.

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